Event details

The major Run – Bike – Run brand in the World, Powerman, is coming for the first time in Greece. The event will take place in Loutraki, at 24th of March 2019 as “POWERMAN Greece 2019”.  The event is held under the auspices of International Powerman Association., the municipality of Loutraki – Perahora – Ag. Theodoroi, the region of Peloponnese, the Greek Ministry of Tourism and Loutraki Tourism Organization.

Registrations – Pick up of Start-Packs

The registrations office for picking up you race-package and the area of the technical briefing will be on Saturday at the School, sideways to “Parko Dexamenis”. For Sunday the registration desk will move at the “Parko Dexamenis”

The online registrations are closed. Start lists will be published http://www.powerman.org.gr/start-lists/

New registrations can be done at the registration desk on Saturday 23/3 and Sunday 24/3, during operation hours, until available places are run out.

New registrations for the Classic Distance 10/60/10k will be done only on Saturday 23/3.

On Sunday the registration desk will operate only for participants of Short Distance 5/30/5k and PowerKids.

We remind you that in any case to participate in the event you must have a valid athlete’s ITU licence. In case you don’t have a licence and you haven’t prepaid online for a day licence, you will have to issue a day licence on the registration office that costs 20€.


Powerman Classic, that includes 10k running- 60k cycling- 10k running

Powerman Short that includes 5k running- 30k cycling- 5k running

POWER kids 1k running – 5k cycling – 1k running (ages 10-13 y.o.)

POWER kids 0.5k running – 2,5k cycling – 0.5k running (ages 6-9 y.o.)


The event is held under the rules of I.T.U. and I.P.A. Bike leg is non-drafting


The event is held in the Municipality of Loutraki- Perahora- Ag. Theodoroi. Start/Finish and Transition area will be hosted in the Park of Dexameni.


Run Course is 2,5km on tarmac and cross country, almost flat, with 17m elevation on each lap

For Classic distance first and second run consist of 4 laps (=10k, 68m elevation)

For Short distance first and second run consist of 2 laps (=5k, 34m elevation)


Bike Course is 10km long, hilly (150m elevation) and technical with 2 U-turns on each lap

For Classic distance bike consist of 6 laps (=60k, elevation 900m)

For Short distance bike consist of 3 laps (=30k, elevation 450m)


Saturday 23.03.2019

  • 10:00 Registration Office Open

  • 18:00 Athletes Briefing

  • 20:00 Registration Office Closed

Sunday 24.03.2019

  • 06:30 Transition Area Open

  • 08:30 Transition Area Closed for Classic Distance

  • 08:30 Start Classic Distance 10/60/10k Women & Men AG60+

  • 09:00 Transition Area Closed for Short Distance

  • 09:00 Start Classic Distance 10/60/10k Men elite, AG<60 & Relays

  • 09:45 Start Short Distance 5/30/5k Men, Women & Relays

  • 13:00 Start Power Kids 1/5/1k

  • 13:30 Start Power Kids 0.5/2,5/0,5k

  • 14:00 Award Ceremony Elite Men - Women

Cut-off times

  • 1st run (Classic & Short Distance): until 10.30am
  • Bike (Classic & Short Distance) until 12.45pm
  • 2nd Run (Classic & Short Distance) until 14:00pm


All participant will take the finishes medal

Special award Ceremony will take place for 3top finishers:

  • Classic Distance Elite Men – Women
  • Classic Distance AG Men 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+
  • Classic Distance AG Women 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+
  • Short Distance Men – Women
  • Short Distance Men – Women AG 14-19yo , 20-39, 40-49, 50-59 , 60+
  • PowerKids 1-5-1 AG 10-11yo , 12-13yo
  • PowerKids 0.5-2.5-0.5 AG 6-7yo, 8-9yo


On line Registrations will be open until 15th March on Regisration Page (click here)

POWERMAN CLASSIC distance 10/60/10k
registration until 15.01.2019 €80
registration until 15.02.2019 €100
registration until 15.03.2019 €120

POWERMAN SHORT distance 5/30/5k
registration until 15.01.2019 €50
registration until 15.02.2019 €60
registration until 15.03.2019 €70

for ages 6-13 y.o
all distances 20€

Team relay for 2 or 3 members €120

Team relay for 2 or 3 members €80

Note that all participants will need to have a triathlon licence from a Federation recognized by International Triathlon Union (I.T.U.). The participant should declare and present his/her Licence at registration office. If no Triathlon Licence is presented there is an extra cost of 20euros for a “day licence”. The participants can apply for a day licence during on line registration with half cost (10 euros).

Read all Participation Terms (click) here