Gaël Le Bellec: The World Champion is coming to Powerman Greece

March 16, 2019 | Powerman | Athletes

Gaël Le Bellec: The World Champion is coming to Powerman Greece

The words to describe the achievements of this guy are poor. Gael Le Bellec comes from France and he is the current long distance duathlon world champion winning the 2018 edition, and also was the winner in 2014 & 2015 all of them at the grueling race of Zofingen, making him one of the greatest duathlon athletes of all times. As it is easy to understand, Gael is one of the favorites for Powerman Greece 2019. Look what he told us:

When did you start duathlon and which was your first international race?

I started duathlon in 2014 and my first international race was Powerman Zofingen, the LD word championships.How did you feel when you were crowned Duathlon Long Distance World Champion, last year in Zofingen? Last year was a special feeling because of the third title after 2 difficult years (injuries…). It felt like a relief and te start of a new career for me, made with only research of pleasure!

What are your main thoughts that pass from your mind during the race?

During the race I felt quite peaceful, and with no fear of loosing, I just felt so happy of being able to be there in a good shape amongst the world’s best athletes.

Which is your favorite discipline, running or cycling? 

Running was my first sport and then cycling was the sport I practiced for the longest period (12 to 23). I love cycling in the mountains or on difficult courses and I love the feeling of the second run with the tiredness in your legs. But I don’t like the first run!

What are your goals for 2019 season?

My goal for 2019 are to enjoy as much as possible the fact of being the current world Champion. I want honor this special title and try to be a great ambassador for duathlon in order to help the next generation to have the best conditions of racing. Duathlon doesn’t allow me to live from this passion but I’m very lucky too travel and meet great people. I’ve managed to race the first 2 Powerman events but an injury made me cancel Malaysia. I’m coming to Greece after 2 weeks of resting and 2 weeks of training so I do not consider myself as the favorite for Powerman Greece!