Kasper Laumann Hartlev : Powerman Greece – looking forward to a great event!

March 13, 2019 | Powerman | Athletes

Kasper Laumann Hartlev : Powerman Greece – looking forward to a great event!

Kasper Laumann Hartlev from Denmark is another very fast European competitor, who will be in Loutraki at 24th of March for the Powerman Greece 2019. Kasper is one of the fastest European athletes being on top-15 of the world and European long- distance duathlon Championships for the last years. Take a look to what he told us about his participation at Powerman Greece 2019:

  1. How did you start multisports and in which age?

I played football (soccer) on a competitive level until the age of 20. After several injuries, I lost the motivation so in 2012 I changed sport to running where I knew I had talent. Within short time, I went from a 85kg football player to a 68-70 kg runner.
In 2014, I studied in Austin, Texas, and competed for their triathlon team. My first race ever was “Austin 70.3” (half IM) and I actually ended up qualifying for the World Championships in 2015 in Zell-am-See, Austria – I was hooked! However, in Zell-am-See I also realized that swimming is just not my thing: I do not enjoy it and I am not super talented. Since January 2016, I have raced in duathlon as elite and so far competed to the World or European Championships 5 times.

  • Have you ever visited Greece?

I went to the city of Volos several times when playing football and have really good memories from those times. We were always threated extremely well. Further I have visited some of the Greek Islands for vacations: Crete, Corfu, Rhodos… overall I have the experience that the Greeks are wonderful hosts!

  • Which is your favorite duathlon race so far (because we hope from now on to be POWERMAN Greece)?

I am really looking forward to Powerman Greece and I would not be surprised if it becomes a favorite race.
It is a bit tricky to mention only one race, but Powerman Spain at Mallorca has always been something special for me. I have been there to all four editions and I love the atmosphere at Ferrer Hotels organizing the event.
I also really enjoyed Powerman Tramelan in 2018 and will come back again this year. They offer a super tough course and have a great organization with wonderful people… and of course Powerman Zofingen is something really special, no words needed about that J

  • How many hours do you train per week and how often do you do bricks?

It varies a lot. I have a quite challenging full time job, which especially in 2018 made it difficult with proper training. However, I have much more flexibility in 2019 and have decided to focus more on the sport – so I have actually quit my job from June 2019! In September I will begin studies in Barcelona. I expect the combination of being a student + the Spanish weather to help me a bit towards my dreams and ambitions.

I typically train 13 times a week, so that being more or less early every morning and then in the afternoon again. However, primarily short trainings of around 60 min on average… living in a rather cold country as Denmark, the hometrainer is an important friend.
Running is definitely my strength, but I actually do not run much. Maybe 40-50 km per week on average and almost never intervals. Instead I do a lot of “fartlek” and use the cross trainer (elliptical) a lot – this way I am always ready to the hard workouts when needed… when I only ran I had +100km every week (+ alternative training) which did not work for me; I was simply too tired to train well!

I do not have a fixed schedule around brick trainings and to be honest I almost never do it – but I will definitely recommend it, if you have the time for it! J

  • How is your racing season going so far?

I had 2 weeks with a flu in January/February which did set me back a bit. However, I feel good and had a good race to Powerman Spain a few weeks ago where I ended up 6th only 8 seconds from the 5th position. Denis Sketako took 5th position – so Denis: Powerman Greece will be a re-match!
After Greece my target will be Hamburg Marathon 28/4 where I hope to run 2:23. Personal best is 2:24:47 from Copenhagen Marathon 2018 the day after a 100km bike ride and 7 days after the duathlon European Championships – so I HAVE to beat that time, and I therefore promise fast legs in Greece 😉

If interested in following me, it can be done through facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KasperLaumannHartlev/) or Instagram (“kasperlaumannhartlev”).

See you soon Powerman Greece – looking forward to a great event! J