Matt Smith : In Greece, I have loved the culture, the people, and the food!

March 13, 2019 | Powerman | Athletes

Matt Smith : In Greece have loved the culture, the people, and the food!

Matt Smith is one of the best duathletes of the world and he will come from the distant Australia to Loutraki at 24th of March to take part at Powerman Greece 2019. Matt is ranked in 5th position of Powerman Ranking and was 8th at the U23 Duathlon World Championship 2018. Look what he has to tell us for his expectations about Powerman Greece, the 2019’s season and his feelings for his achievements so far:

  1. In which age and how did you start duathlon?
    In the grand scheme of things, I didn’t start duathlon until quite late. I did my first Duathlon in 2014 when I was 18 and a half years old after my best mates introduced me to his Triathlon Coach and they both thought I should give it a crack. I grew up playing Golf and Cricket back home in Australia and had a  Cross Country running back ground, so all the cycling was very new to me. I went to 2 Age Group World Champs in 2015/2016 and won 2 gold medals, and earned my Professional ITU License in 2017.
  2. Matt, you come from Australia, a country that is one day away from Greece. What did motivate you to travel so many kilometers to come to Greece for the Powerman Greece 2019?
    One of the best things about being a professional duathlete is the travel. Growing up as a child my dream job was a pilot, so I feel getting to fly everywhere to race is the next best thing! I’ve been to Kos, Greece once before in 2018 and loved the culture, the people, and the food! So I’m very excited to be able to come back and explore your country properly!

  3. You are only 22. How did you start competing at the long distance races so young?
    People who know me, know that i HATE swimming! Being from Australia, a country that loves swimming, means that there are lots of Triathlons, but not many Duathlons. Because of my bad swimming, I travelling to Powerman Malaysia in 2017 for my first powerman. I finished second behind Tom Bruins in what was the hardest race of my life. As hard as the long distance was, I absolutely fell in love with the challenge it presents to you in the 10-60-10 format, and the opportunities to travel around a full World Series and race the best athletes around the world
  • Which one is your favourite discipline, cycling or running?
    I began running before I started cycling, so I’ve always loved the run leg. Running is certainly my best leg, but I’ve really fallen in love with cycling since taking it up. Theres something about getting to play with super expensive bikes and the science that goes into it thats really captured me
  • Which is your main goal for 2019 season?
    I want to podium at U23 ITU Duathlon World Championships in Spain later in the year. It’s my last year as an U23, and I don’t plan on racing many ITU duathlon races after this year looking into the future. I was in a really strong position last year to podium, but due to personal issues I had a really bad race and missed my dream of winning a Elite World Championship. So hopefully with the work I’m putting in at the moment, I’ll be able to achieve this goal and hopefully win a Powerman race along the way!!